Building Humanless Communities with Machine Intelligence

With Google & AI taking over the content industry, there are a few things machines can never replicate - Experience & Emotions. Let's talk about the same

Building Humanless Communities with Machine Intelligence

Hope you loved our previous article about the Future of Email Warmup we're building. Now, let's talk about the future of communities with Google in context.

Everyone in the content industry is talking about how AI & Google is taking over the jobs of content writers. How AI will write everything in the future and so on.

And let's accept that. I agree. Being a company built around the future of machine intelligence, I can confirm it's happening.

Google is slowly moving towards how to provide answers as fast as it can. Welcome to the world of instant answer snippets.

And on the same way, AI is constantly replacing content writers. The quality is not that great currently, but we're just a few years away.

So, overall Google is trying to cut traffic from pages with quick summaries & AI algorithms are trying to create those pages automatically.

Why Google is being Evil

While the easiest way to conclude this will be - oh Google is evil. They want to take over all the traffic and kill publisher businesses and all that.

But let's see from Google's point of view.

Google is a company famous for betting on the future. They know what's coming next, and how to deal with it.

We're moving toward a world of shorter attention spans. And it's not because this generation is bad, but it's because we have got a lot to focus on daily.

Just remember the days of 2005 - life was simple. Limited websites, limited news every day, limited knowledge requirements, and all.

And now we're bombarded with information. A lot of crazy things are happening every day. And you need to be updated with everything.

You need to be aware of what is on each social media, what's next in the metaverse, what's in crypto, what's in tech, and so on. Knowledge is a core part of our day-to-day life.

So when they say we're being less emotional, and more logical - I don't want to blame people. But hey, let's focus on our main topic.

Now in this world, If Google wants to stay relevant - they need to provide what people need. And if they will not, someone else will - simple.

So Google is constantly trying to extract important data from long articles, and summarize it for users. Because that's what users need.

What is next for the content industry?

Let me go straight - The only thing machines will never replicate is Emotions & Experiences.

Machines can help me find out the best ways to improve my health - but can't tell me which one works in real-life. That's where we need human experiences.

And if you think about that - that's where we're slowly moving towards. We're constantly searching for real human feedback & experiences when searching for anything on the internet.

We don't want to read those knowledge articles or guides. We want to learn from people we can trust. It's already moving towards human bonding. ❀️

And the best way to handle this is - Forums.

Bring people on one platform and let them share their experiences quickly.

You can disagree with me here - But Forums & Communities will be the future of knowledge sharing. And Google is also slowly focusing on this part.

Google is building more & more snippets around forums and question-answers. And the best part is - AI will never be able to replace communities.

What's the problem?

The problem with communities is - People. There are thousands of communities around every topic - but we need people in those communities.

Communities are complicated. You need people to build content, and you need content to bring people.

We post our questions in Quora, Reddit, Stackoverflow, or Facebook Groups - because we know we can find people on those platforms.

If you start the community today - who is gonna put questions, and who will answer? Because in the early days, it is just silence.

If I can't see any active discussion in your community, I am not gonna join & ask. And the same way, I'll not even bookmark it to find my answers in the future.

Because it's all about Trust & People. And if you're not some crazy influencer, you have got none.

Welcome to Humanless Communities

What if AI can help here? Because the best way to fight machines is by using machines πŸ˜…

When I use the word Humanless Communities - People think it's about replacing humans using some AI stuff. Nope.

We're just building an illusion. They say, Fake it till you make it. And that's what we do with communities at GetBotz

We take any community, push our 3500+ bots in the community as users - And let them talk to each other. πŸ€–

They can ask questions, they can answer, can like, reply, or do anything. We let them behave like real humans.

So you started your community, and in 2-3 months, you have thousands of active users. And it's the hook bait for real users.

Let Google index pages, send some traffic, and let real users believe that you're operating a strong active community 🫒

And now these real users will join the discussions. Ask questions, Answer the discussion and so on. And the chain reaction starts.

Wait for 1 year, and disconnect our bots. Your real community is active and growing ❀️

Overall, we're not replacing humans - but we're creating the illusion of humans using AI - to attract real humans. Complicated, but interesting.

What is the benefit

Now I got your attention. Let's talk about some real honest things here.

At now, the whole community monetization is in the early stage. Because we're still seeing communities as websites only.

Give it time. Let the system be in place. So, start today - and in the next 2-3 years once the systems are ready - You have the early investor advantage in this ecosystem. You know the rewards now. πŸ’°

Currently, our customers are monetizing it mainly using Product Promotion, Brand Authority, or Pin comments.

But always recommend them - Β don't focus too much on monetization with Ads and all. Building a business is a long-term game. And if it's all taken care of by machines - Just let it stay there. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

You're not spending even a single minute a month on this with 100% automation. Let it grow itself. Enjoy the traffic and brand. Wait for the systems.

β€œIf you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” – Steve Jobs

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Anyways, stay connected to learn more about how at BlogBing Group - we're building for the future of the internet with our SaaS products.

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A lot of love, and thanks for reading ❀️