Why Unlimited Email Warmup is a Bad Idea

I had a discussion with the CEO of very popular email warmup company, and he shared some hard truth about unlimited mailbox warmup. Let's discuss and solve this.

Why Unlimited Email Warmup is a Bad Idea

Before we start, I've written one very detailed article about how we've redesigned email warmup for 2023 with Relevancy - Why Email Warmup Is Outdated and How We're Rebuilding It

This is more of part 2 for the same talking about GetMails Email Warmup. So, Let's start.

We delayed our Email warmup launch to almost 2 months, as at the last minute, we decided to launch unlimited free email warmup for everyone. 🎁

So while everyone is making money from warmup - we decided to make it free - bearing all the costs. And yes, it's not for the marketing funnel.

We launched unlimited inbox connect in all of our plans - to make it more useful for marketers. But with time, we found that it was a really bad idea for our warmup.

Why unlimited mailbox warmup is a bad idea

I mean unlimited is great right? It's affordable for clients, so you get more sales. And as warmup is not a super costly process - it's still profitable. And you can steal clients from companies charging per inbox.

Win-win for everyone. But there is a hidden problem.

Have you ever felt that "most of the" companies providing unlimited mailboxes in warmup or LTD with unlimited mailboxes lose their warmup efficiency after a few months?

I felt so and decided to go deeper.

In December ( or November, can't remember ) - I was on a call with the CEO of one of the very successful email warmup company ( The One Who Shall Not Be Named 🧛 ). And he mentioned clearly - We'll never provide Unlimited Inboxes, no matter what. And the reason is interesting.

He explained why it's not the idea for their customers by comparing the situation in both plan structures. Let me share both.

Per-mailbox Pricing Warmup

Here customers try to optimize costs by sending more emails from each ID. Definitely, because they are charged per inbox.

So, they always prefer premium providers like Gsuite and stay super careful with lead quality, email reputation, and everything - for the best inbox delivery.

So when you provide Email Warmup to these customers - all the emails in your pool are very carefully managed with a very strong reputation. They interact with each other and build a powerful warmup network.

And as most of the receivers are with Gmail/Gsuite - definitely warmup is majorly about optimizing for Gmail deliverability. 📨

Unlimited Mailbox Warmup Pricing

This is a new model getting popular very rapidly - as it gives a strong edge over competitors.

But here is a fundamental problem none is talking about.

The problem with unlimited mailbox pricing is - customers try to optimize cost by adding more & more mailboxes. And how to do that? Use either some cheap email providers, cpanel emails, or other low-quality solutions. 🙆🏻‍♂️

As per their analysis, a very huge number of email IDs in the warmup pool - where pricing is with unlimited mailboxes - are non-Gmail.

We can't forget that most of the leads we're targeting are using Gsuite or Gmail. So, it makes sense to focus on Gsuite/Gmail as the highest priority.

Webmail market share in 2021 - Source from Litmus

Definitely because if you're getting unlimited mailboxes - it's always the best idea to go with a cheap email provider, enable warm up and let it scale. Nothing wrong with the thinking.

It's more of the psychological pattern by customers - which hurts warmup pool quality in long term for companies.

On the chart and stats, we can see warmup running, but most of the email transactions are in between non-Gmail IDs - which are not that useful - when we're focusing on Gmail/Gsuite mainly.

So Saurabh, what about my warmup provider? Let's test

Test Your Warmup Pool Quality

Here we have a simple test to check the warmup pool quality of your email warmup provider.

Just go to your account ( Where warmup is active ) and try to find warmup emails.

Extract the domain from these warmup email IDs ( From where you received or sent an email for warmup ) and put it on https://dnschecker.org/#MX/blogbing.com

If you're getting Googlemail MX records, that means the email is using Gmail/Gsuite. If not, it's mostly either using Zoho, Outlook, or some cpanel email.

If 86% of your leads are using Gsuite - and your warmup pool is having less than 60% Gmail/Gsuite accounts, ask your provider.

It is not like they are bad. They might also have some other strategy applied to solve this - which I am not aware maybe. Better to ask.

How GetMails is solving this

But Saurabh - You're also providing Unlimited Warmup. Oh ya, but we found some solution - that's why I wrote this article 😉

At the last minute, we decided to do some major changes and enable unlimited free email warmup for everyone.

But the condition is - You can only connect Gmail/Gsuite accounts to warmup in our free plan.

Now can you connect the dots? Let me help. 🥂

The free warmup will get a lot of attention and users when everyone is asking for money. But all these free users will provide their Gmail/Gsuite to our warmup pool.

And that's a win-win. They get free warmup from the premium pool - and our users can get a balanced email pool for warmup with a huge number of Gmail/Gsuite accounts.

Yes, it'll cost us huge - but we have thousands of Gmail/Gsuite accounts in our warmup pool now.

So, it'll automatically balance our account ratio with maximum Gmail/Gsuite accounts in the pool. And our customers can always stay safe from low-quality warmup pool issues. 😅

And yes, it'll help with branding as well 🤷🏻‍♂️

Sometimes things get delayed, but it's worth waiting. Keep calm and trust Saurabh ❤️

If you haven't, make sure to read our article about Why Email Warmup Is Outdated and How We're Rebuilding It.

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