Deinfluencing AI SEO - Another Magic Pill ?

Seen those crazy traffic screenshots for AI SEO case studies? Let's discuss what none is talking about.

Deinfluencing AI SEO - Another Magic Pill ?

Hey 👋,

Here is one more looong article after almost 6 months.

I feel this is right time to talk about the ongoing hype of AI SEO. What's right - wrong - and how it works in reality.

Have you seen those Tweets or Videos talking about people ranking their sites in hours with AI? Or those millions of visitors on automated blogs?

If you're on the internet from early-days, you've seen this happening every few years. Money glitch scams, lottery scams, crypto millionaires, NFTs and what not.

So is it all fake? Nope. It definitely works. But not the way they are trying to market it. It's not another magic pill.

We actually have our own product to help you build 100% automated blog with AI at

So, how AI SEO actually works in real life? For that, you need to understand core of SEO.

Wait - I know maybe you're not technical person for all this. Or maybe you're SEO Expert. I've most simplified version of SEO to help you understand the basics.

SEO - Most Simplified Version

Forget everything you've read, listened or watched about SEO. Be with me for few minutes.

Ranking on keywords is same like approaching a girl. Let's "imagine" you're approaching a cute sweet girl ( 🙅🏻‍♂️ ). You need one of this to get a Yesssss...

  • You're Successful - Higher Website Authority

Are you popular than other boys around the girl? If yes, you can get a Yes.

  • You're Famous - Backlinks, my friend

Are everyone around talking about you - about how awesome you're. Congrats, you can.

  • You're Really "the" Best Person for her - Content Quality

While it doesn't work always - it's still one of the best ways.

  • You're approaching the girl none else is - Low Competition Keywords

This is super tough. And even if you can get one, just ask yourself - Why none is approaching.

That's all. And definitely some basics like personality, dressing sense and all ( SEO Tags, On-page SEO, Speed... ).

That's SEO. You need one of these things, while being careful about the basics.

By the way, being Famous or Successful can be faked ( 😉 ) both in Real-Life & SEO. But that's not what we want to talk about today.

Everything in SEO revolves around this. So now as you know fundamentals of SEO, let's talk about AI SEO.

AI SEO Miracles - How It Works

There are four ways to build those crazy case studies.

1) Zero-Competition Keywords

Find out keywords almost none is targeting. Write article on those keywords, and you'll be ranking.

Is it worth? In some cases - Yes, we call them hidden gems. But most of the time, it's not - except you're earning from ads.

You're just ranking on keywords with no business or sales potential.

2) Expired Domains

You can buy high-authority expired domain, and build content in same niche.

As you already have authority, you can rank. For how long - None knows. But definitely until you've enough views in Youtube or Twitter.

3) Backlinks

While everyone talking about how AI Content is ranking, none is talking about how much they have spent on Backlinks to rank.

Nothing wrong in that - but again if we're ranking via Backlinks - why are we talking about AI Content.

4) Stealing

You find a competitor and you start copying every single of their articles via AI. You'll get lucky in few keywords, and start getting traffic.

Everyone is doing this from early-days of SEO using content spinners. But with AI, it's just easier & fast.

Now let's move to reality.

AI SEO - Right Approach For Growth

So AI SEO is all about - either same old methods or ranking for show-off with no actual benefit.

But there is something real none wants to talk about. Because it's slow, boring & doesn't make you look genius 🙆🏻‍♂️

One thing AI Content Automation gives you is Speed & Consistency. You can now publish multiple articles everyday on consistency, because it's all automated.

Remember this Turtle - Rabbit race, right? In SEO, posting regularly will always be better than writing one manual article every few months. Consistency wins always.

And if you can do both combined - even better ❤️

C'mon - The world is evolving. If everyone is focusing on content with speed, and you're crying about how automation & AI is bad - I'm sorry.

But I'm not getting clicks - You Doraemon 😤

Do you know Semrush gets ~30% of it's traffic from just 4 pages? And I don't even want to even talk about pages, where they are getting zero organic traffic.

I see people publishing 50 articles and crying about - Oh, we're not ranking. That's not SEO on Automation works. Remember, it's "Automation" with zero backlinks or efforts.

Google E-E-A-T. You're getting judged by your Experience & Expertise.

The basics are simple. You might not be ranking for all those 100 articles - but by posting 100 articles you're building authority for your website in that industry/topic.

Yes, maybe it's not ranking - But the articles prove that you're sharing knowledge in the industry. You're expert in the topic.

So next time when there is opportunity, Google trusts someone with 100 articles on the topic - compared to someone with zero articles on the same topic.

If you can rank - cool. If not, you're building authority for your main website and other articles.

There is zero reason to not publish regularly with AI if you're focused on SEO.

Just stop getting misled by SEO Experts claiming overnight ranking with AI SEO. It's not magic pill. It's just another way to bet on SEO.

And whether you like it or not - World is moving towards AI SEO. Either join them, or start focusing on other ways to get traffic.

Start some blogs - and keep publishing everyday to build authority in micro-niches. Use it to drive traffic to your business website. Safe & Scalable ❤️

PS. If you want to set your blogs on Autopilot mode with AI - We can help you with

See you soon 👋