Building Blog Network for Generative AI SEO

With search engines moving towards AI & Chatbots to innovate the search, whole SEO industry is changing. Let's talk about what's next.

Building Blog Network for Generative AI SEO

Last week Google announced Generative AI in Google Search, and everyone in the SEO community was surprised + scared.

Not because it's bad - but because it's different. Instead of writing for humans - now we're writing for machines + humans. This is completely different from Featured Snippets.

Let's discuss how AI is completely changing the direction of SEO and how we're fighting with AI using AI  💪🏻🤓

First of all, let's talk about how SEO is going to change in the next few months. Few things you know, and few you don't.

What's new in the SEO World

While I don't want to say SEO is changing completely, it's changing a lot. We all are fighting with our AI models to win attention.

Flood of Content with AI Tools 🌊

Whether you like it or not - AI Content Writing and automation tools are out. And super cheap. Everyone is jumping on this train.

This is completely different from the previous flood of Programmatic SEO or scraper content sites. Because they were completely spam, and detectable.

With AI, that's not the scope. You can train AI with better prompts for better quality & make the articles even more useful for readers.

Loooooong-Tail Keywords will Boom 🚀

There was a very simple rule of SEO "till now".

  • If you're good at SEO, target head keywords ( Keywords < 3 words ). Because those are most popular keywords and Google has featured snippet in most of them.
  • If you're still learning SEO, target long-tail keywords ( Keywords > 3 words ). Because those keywords have low-search volume, so low competition.

Now think about it again. We can now type whole sentences in Google.

AND writing sentences will provide far better answers than head keywords. Because now AI is answering them 🤷🏻‍♂️

Result -Suddenly the whole concept of low & high competition is gone. Everything is popular. Everything is working. Have fun 🤣

Micro-Niches For The Win 🍹

Ok, this might a bit complicated to understand. Let me explain 🤓

We want to win the trust of AI to feature in Generative Answer. And everyone is writing about everything.

For short keywords, the current ranking algorithms were perfect. But now if you're working on looong-tail questions with focus on a very specific topic - you should remember E-E-A-T once again.

If someone is searching about Dog Food, and you ask AI - go and find best relevant resources around that - who will the AI trust?

Will it trust a website talking about animals and having one article for dog food OR a website talking about dog food only from the last 1 year?

I leave the rest for you to decode.

Have a very close look at this screenshot. You can see reference links for the answer.

Now if I'm the reader - how will I decide which link to click out of these three? Image, Title, Favicon & Domain.

Image & Title - tough to differentiate. So I'll check the Favicon & Domains of these websites.

And as you have guessed, if I'm looking for a detailed article on Dog Food - I'll definitely click on the website where the icon is of a dog & domain starts with dog food or something.

This is more like a psychological trick - but think about it and you'll see how huge this deciding factor is.

These are the main things I noticed from the current preview. So, how are we building for this new world of SEO with advanced weapons?

If you don't know, I'm Saurabh 🥹

What are we doing 🎸

I personally work with some of our customers to design SEO growth strategy for their businesses using AI, Automation & SEO Data.

And here is my treasure map for you ❤️

Don't judge my design skills - Please 😐😐😐

Step-1: Identify Micro-Niches

First Question = What are you selling?

Next Question = What are the topics your exact audience is reading about?

Selling SaaS in marketing - Your audience is reading about everything from SEO to Email Marketing to Ads to even Business Motivation.

Selling eCommerce Products for dogs - Your audience is reading about everything related to dogs. From Dog Food to Dog Health to Dog Tricks. 🐶

Selling Website Development Services - Your audience is reading about everything from building startups to eCommerce businesses to even coding tutorials.

I need you to pick a minimum of 5 topics. Don't go too micro, and don't choose too-close topics.

Forget about relevancy with your business - think about readers' mindset.

Step-2: Setup Anonymous EMD Blogs

Screenshot from

Find Most-Exact-Match-Domains around your topic. Don't worry about TLDs - everything works.

Make sure your domain starts with your main topic.

Set blogs for each domain.

I'm too lazy, so I personally prefer Ghost platform ( With ) for the blogs. It has everything ready with no need to change the theme, no plugins, or any other headache.

Takes less than 3 minutes for each blog setup. And now we've 5+ blogs ready 🍟

Step-3: Automate Generative-AI Focused Content

Here I'll sell our product ( Don't skip 🙄🔫 )

GetBotz can completely automate your blog using AI. Just connect your blog - and our botz will publish on your blog everyday on automation.

From Finding Keywords > Deciding What to Write > Writing Article > Relevant images > Proofreading > Publishing Articles > Submit to Google.

And it's all done on complete automation using AI & SEO Data. Literally just Set & Forget.

We've updated GetBotz to focus on generative AI for each & every article.

Instead of writing a long boring article around a single keyword, we split the article into multiple small sections. And each section is focused on one keyword. Here is our current keyword distribution.

Again, Don't Judge 🤥

So now instead of waiting for one keyword, we're targeting for multiple long-tail or looong-tail keywords for each of our sections. Welcome to the world of Featured Snippets & Generative AI answers 🐰

We are also testing 5 FAQs per article ( At the bottom of each article ). Because of the constant decline of forums, I feel FAQs will help a lot in question-focused searches.

And sooo many micro-changes focused on Generative AI to make sure the content is short - relevant - and answers the questions directly.

Step-4: Funnel Traffic to Business Website

So we got traffic on those micro-niche websites - now what? We definitely need sales - not just traffic.

Here is something interesting we have designed for blog networks - Natural Brand Placement.

Just let us know about your business with a short description - and GetBotz will try to include your business somewhere in the article to make it look completely natural.

So now we have a huge network of blogs operating on complete automation - writing & publishing articles every day - and sending traffic to the main business.

And none knows all the blogs are owned by the same business. Keep your eggs in different baskets and scale rapidly.

Need more traffic? No worries - Just add 5 more blogs. Even more? Add 10 more blogs. Keep scaling the network.

We've companies operating a giant network of 100+ blogs sending thousands of visitors to their main website every month on complete automation. 📈

That's how you scale your business my boy 🎸

Overall - Now everyone is generating content like crazy. So either you can sit in the corner crying about how evil people are pushing too much content using AI - or utilize some of your resources & win the game.

That's all for today. See you again soon ❤️

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