Blog Automation - Redefining the Content Industry

Let's talk about how we're trying to automate blogs at GetBotz - so you can focus on generating quality content without the fear of consistency

Blog Automation - Redefining the Content Industry

Let's start the article by saying Thank you to OpenAI and everyone involved in their projects - a lot of love ❤️

Also, if you haven't yet - make sure to read our previous article about how we're building Humanless Communities at GetBotz with Forum Automation.

Now let's talk about our next part in the GetBotz journey - Blog Automation. At BlogBing, we are always hunting for ways to replace boring human work with machines.

Even though I have a lot of respect for content writers - that's also true that creative content is not something you can write on demand. It takes time and patience.

But when we talk about content as a business with blogging, consistency is a must. And that's where companies hire average writers to help maintain consistency.

Can we use AI to replace the average writers - so you can focus on what you're best at? That's what we want to do at GetBotz.

The goal is not to replace creative authors with AI, but low or average skilled writers who are there just to maintain consistency.

What is GetBotz

GetBotz is a project by BlogBing Group, where we try to design content automation with marketers in focus.

We believe that content is a great way to express yourself - but there is a lot of boring stuff in this journey, which can be replaced by AI & Automation.

We're trying to achieve the same - so you can focus on what is important ️❤️

The Content Journey

We divide creating content into four parts.

  1. Finding keywords
  2. Hunting for topics
  3. Defining the content outlines, which can help with ranking
  4. Writing the content
  5. Images for branding
  6. On-Page SEO
  7. Publish
  8. Submit to search engines

And after that, the Off-Page SEO and other marketing stuff starts.

We're trying to automate all the steps with GetBotz under Blog Automation. And yes, it's complete automation with set & forget.

Let's dive in

Keyword Research

Do you know BlogBing also owns our own Keyword Research product - with a strong focus on Realtime data & Local SEO?

We've data for 100k+ locations around the world - every single city on the map - with 45+ languages. And it all fetched completely real-time - from suggestions to volume to SERP - everything.

Screenshot of our product

So, now you know how we're going to handle this part 🤷🏻‍♂️

Being an SEO data company ourselves, it's not tough to automate keyword research with our own data sources - and we have a strong advantage here.

Based on your niche idea - we fetch thousands of keywords realtime - and find out the best keyword to focus on at the time of writing.

And as we've your Google Search Console already connected - we already know your blog strength on Google - and what can be the best keywords for your blog.

Just combine everything - and you've some of the best keywords ready to write.

Topic Research

This is something where we need to be careful. We don't want to use any topic, which is not the best for OpenAI.

As OpenAI has its own limitations like limited knowledge of current trends - we need to focus on what can we write on.

And it should also give traffic definitely. None wants to read about why 11 isn’t pronounced onety-one 😶

We're using a combination of Keyword data + People Also Ask questions + GPT-3 + SEPR Data + Some secret sauce to find out the best topic for our keyword.

Definitely, we're still working hard to make it even better - as Topic Research is an ongoing journey of advancement with more & more metrics.

Content Outline

Now you've keywords - now you've article topic. It's time to define the content wireframe.

What are we going to write in this article and how it'll serve the intent.

Let me make it clear - Google doesn't hate AI content - Google hates dumb content. Take care of what your readers want to read, and Google will love you.

Not every article needs to split into subtopics, Not every article can be readable if written in paragraphs only, Not every article can be useful if it contains long useless stories, and so on.

You need to customize your content structure based on your topic - so you can provide what the user needs - as fast as you can - without making it all boring.

Have you visited any blog, where you read the first few lines - scrolled super fast, and closed the tab? And opened the next one.

That's the problem with outlines. It's not because the content is useless - but it's because the content is represented in the wrong way.

Writing the Article ( Finally 😅 )

Perfect - now it's time to write our article. But wait, here is a twist.

If you know me personally, I always talk about how short content will change the future of content - but here we're writing looooong blogs. Sound unfair, right?

Don't worry. Let me help.

Currently, Google is focused on long content - to establish authority. Long detailed article talking about the stuff.

But as real humans - most of us are always searching for short articles or summaries or small sections of that long articles. We don't want to read that long article today.

After a lot of fights ⚔️ - we decided to do both.

Introducing Hybrid Content Setup.

We've two different algorithms to generate blog articles.

  1. Long articles ( Between 800 to 2000 words ) split into small sections with detailed writing about the topic.
  2. Short articles ( Under 1000 words ) with a strong focus on the exact topic

Based on your niche, we've defined the ratio of these article types - and are posted according to it.

So overall - You'll see some short articles and some long articles mixed up - to make sure you're serving both the audience ( Humans & Bots ).

Branding via Images

This is something we're working on, and expecting rollout by this month-end.

We want to make sure every thumbnail of your article is with your brand.  And how can you do that? Using Template Styling.

We need you to provide your logo & brand color - and we'll make sure every single thumbnail matches the style - with your own branding.

A very simple thing to do - but I definitely feel it'll have a huge impact on your brand identity.

We're also looking at AI-Powered image generators to see if we can do something creative here. Let's see 🎁

Ok, Google!

From meta descriptions to keyword sprinkling to some SEO practices - we are taking care of everything.

And as your search console is connected, we ping Google instantly after the article is published. So Google can index it as fast as possible.

And once indexed, the fight is for Off-Page SEO & some other metrics - I know you're already an expert in that 😉

I think this is all I've in my mind currently for our Blog Automation. This is still an ongoing journey - we're constantly learning and improving every day.

But let's build the future of internet together.

Want to join GetBotz for Blog Automation? You're invited to Excited to welcome you at BlogBing Family.

Take care & stay safe. Make sure to subscribe - so we can stay connected ❤️